Friday, February 10, 2006

Potty Training Update

I haven't blogged much about Morgan's potty training efforts. This is mostly because its been going really well and I haven't wanted to jinx it!

Our goal is to have Morgan daytime potty trained within 6 months. I don't mind keeping her in a diaper at night for a while longer. But she's getting bigger now, and bigger diapers= more expensive diapers, so...its time to start using the potty. After a false start in December we decided to try for real just after Morgan's birthday.

Jon & I had read several advice books and articles describing the various expert-approved methods of potty training - or "toilet learning" as they like to call it now - and we decided to go with the classic: straight bribery. When you use the potty, we told Morgan, you will get a jelly bean.

She peed five times between 7 and 8pm the first night. Holy cow, I can't even do that! We started to get a little worried that at this rate she would be potty trained in no time, but her teeth would rot and fall out.

But she slowed down to a normal pace the following day. We put her in her training pants and she did a pretty good job. She'd go through all three pairs every day for a while, but she'd also pee in the potty every time she sat on it. After about a week she could keep her underwear ("big girl pants") dry most of the time they were on. We still put a diaper on her when she left the house and when she was sleeping.

Just last week we got to the point where I felt we could leave the house for short trips while Morgan was in her undies. I got a potty topper for the big scary public toilets and off we went. We've been on about 8-10 outings since and she has only had one accident (the mall playground was just too much fun to think about the potty). We still remind her to use the potty every so often, but she also tells us when she needs to go.

So, I think we are making some good progress. We're down to one jelly bean for every 3 pees and sometimes she forgets about the jelly bean all together. I am afraid to get too excited - I'm sure there will be setbacks - but we've made a good start.

Here are some of the milestones (in no particular order) we need to reach before we'll be at our goal:
  • Move the potty to the bathroom (Yeah, its in the living room. Since that is where we spend most of our time, it seemed easier to start with it out there.)
  • Use the potty at school.
  • Go #2 in the potty. (The thought of this terrifies Morgan. We have no idea how to convince her to do it.)
  • Stay dry for naps.

Wish us luck!

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chelle said...

I spotted your post at blogging baby and had to take a peak! We are slowly starting to potty train too! I enjoy your blog and will definitely be back!