Tuesday, February 28, 2006

More Teeth

Morgan has started getting her 2nd molars. The two bottom ones have poked through and we are waiting for the tops. Then she will have all her teeth. Finally!

Most of her teeth have come in pretty easily. A little runny nose and fever, maybe. Some sleepless nights. But nothing a little Tylenol couldn't handle. But these molars really caused havoc. (And this is whey we had a 12 day blog absence. Sooooo tired....)

Morgan had a fever spiking to nearly 105 for two days! We took her to the ER the first night when Motrin wouldn't bring the fever down, but they said she had no infections. She had a runny nose too. At least she was happy to be able to carry a "tee-zoo" (tissue) in her "pock-tet" (pocket) to blow her nose. She wouldn't sleep either which is the worst part of being sick. Then the third day all her symptoms disappeared. No fever. No congestion. Appetite back. She had two more sleepless nights but I think she just liked getting out of bed early.

Then next day, Morgan opened her mouth and pointed in. "More teeth, mommy", she said. And sure enough! There they were. Grrrr. At least there are only 2 more to go!

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