Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Morgan's Year In Review

Morgan had such an eventful year! Here are some of the highlights:

12 months, Jan-Feb 2005

  • Turned one!
  • Weighed in at just about 18 lbs.
  • Got her first (and so far only) ear infection

13 months, Feb-March 2005

  • Went to her first Valentine's Day Party!
  • Grew her first set of molars! (ouch)

14 Months, March - April 2005

  • Enjoyed an Easter Egg hunt

15 months, April - May 2005

  • Morgan said her first word: "Hi!"
  • Started a Baby Yoga class!
  • Had a Developmental Evaluation to determine if she had a speech delay. (She had a minor one.)

16 months, May-June 2005

  • Flew to San Diego. Visited with all the Grandparent and many of the Aunts & Uncles. Saw SeaWorld and the San Diego Zoo.
  • Went to her first baseball game (Norfolk Tides v. Rochester Red Wings)
  • Had Audiology test which found no hearing in her right ear due to impacted ear wax. Had wax removed (very traumatic process) and hearing tested within normal limits.

17 months, June-July 2005

  • Went to Busch Gardens Williamsburg and rode her first theme park rides!
  • Learned Ring-Around-the-Rosy!
  • Spent a lot of time at the beach!

18 months, July-August 2005

  • Mastered her 10th word!
  • Took at trip to Charlottesville, VA with Daddy's work. Hiked in the mountains, visited Monticello, and made lots of friends from all over the world!
  • Rode in her special seat on Daddy's bike!

19 months, August-Sept 2005

20 months, Sept-Oct 2005

21 months, Oct-Nov 2005

  • Mastered 100 words!
  • Celebrated Halloween with Grandpa!

22 months, Nov-Dec 2005

23 months, Dec-Jan 2005

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