Wednesday, January 25, 2006

The Hostess With the Mostess

Morgan hosted her first playdate at our house yesterday. I've been putting it off as long as possible, but the time had finally come. She has such a phobia about people taking her stuff (she greets people like this now: No name take my whatever she is playing with at the moment) that I thought it might be a disaster. But she did so well. We had a few "mine"s and a few incidents of grabbing thing out of the other kids hands, but no major meltdowns. She let her friends play in Elmo House with her and they all played Play-Doh together. Morgan even managed to take turns on the MagnaDoodle. And most surprising of all - she shared her blankie with Baby Lyla!!! I think it helped that there were only 2 other kids (other than the baby) and that she knows them really well now. She even calls them by name! She can say "Russell" really clearly and she says "Zanneet" for Shannon. I was so relieved that the playdate went smoothly!

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