Monday, January 16, 2006

Big Girl

We've have been trying for a while to get Morgan to buy into the whole "big girl" concept. We hope it will help with the potty training and other upcoming milestones. For a long time, she resisted. "Morgan is such a big girl" we'd say. "Nooooooo!", Morgan would respond. "Baby!" But lately we seem to be getting through to her. I think it was the big girl bike that she got for Christmas. Now, she's okay with being a big girl.

Of course, I never really believed all of this big girl stuff. She's only 2. And only 24 pounds!

A few days ago we were ate Taco Bell picking up some dinner for Daddy while he was working late. A mom with two boys, probably 5 and 7, was in line in front of us. "Look, Mommy," the younger one said pointing to Morgan. "Look at that cute baby!" The mom looked back. "That's not a baby!" she told her son. "That's a big girl."

No way! Other people can't call her a big girl, can they? I guess they can. But Morgan will always be our baby.

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