Wednesday, January 25, 2006

The Hostess With the Mostess

Morgan hosted her first playdate at our house yesterday. I've been putting it off as long as possible, but the time had finally come. She has such a phobia about people taking her stuff (she greets people like this now: No name take my whatever she is playing with at the moment) that I thought it might be a disaster. But she did so well. We had a few "mine"s and a few incidents of grabbing thing out of the other kids hands, but no major meltdowns. She let her friends play in Elmo House with her and they all played Play-Doh together. Morgan even managed to take turns on the MagnaDoodle. And most surprising of all - she shared her blankie with Baby Lyla!!! I think it helped that there were only 2 other kids (other than the baby) and that she knows them really well now. She even calls them by name! She can say "Russell" really clearly and she says "Zanneet" for Shannon. I was so relieved that the playdate went smoothly!

Monday, January 16, 2006

Big Girl

We've have been trying for a while to get Morgan to buy into the whole "big girl" concept. We hope it will help with the potty training and other upcoming milestones. For a long time, she resisted. "Morgan is such a big girl" we'd say. "Nooooooo!", Morgan would respond. "Baby!" But lately we seem to be getting through to her. I think it was the big girl bike that she got for Christmas. Now, she's okay with being a big girl.

Of course, I never really believed all of this big girl stuff. She's only 2. And only 24 pounds!

A few days ago we were ate Taco Bell picking up some dinner for Daddy while he was working late. A mom with two boys, probably 5 and 7, was in line in front of us. "Look, Mommy," the younger one said pointing to Morgan. "Look at that cute baby!" The mom looked back. "That's not a baby!" she told her son. "That's a big girl."

No way! Other people can't call her a big girl, can they? I guess they can. But Morgan will always be our baby.

Sunday, January 15, 2006

Well Baby

Morgan had her 2 year check up on Friday. I was dreading this because Morgan HATES going to the doctor. Ever since she was about 4 months old she has screamed and cried and kicked and bitten and hit and resisted the exam any way she could. Morgan has been so healthy recently that - except for her flu shot - she hasn't seen the doctor since she was 18 months old. To prepare her, I got an "Elmo visits the Doctor" video and we've been watching it about 4 times a week for the past 2 months. She aslo got a doctor kit for Christmas which she absolutely loves. So I gathered up Elmo, the stethescope, and all my courage and off we went.

We had to see a new doctor this time because our old guy (who we really really liked) was transferred. The new doctor was okay - kind of old and crusty, but nice and thorough. And Morgan was....much better than in the past. She cried pretty hard through most of the exam, but she didn't put up much of a fight otherwise. The doctor seemed kind of annoyed, but I was so happy! It was definitely our best doctor visit yet. And we don't have to go back until she's three! Hooray!

More good news: Morgan gained over 4 lbs in the last 6 months! She is now 24.5 lbs - 25th percentile. (Up from 20lbs3oz - 5th %ile.) And she grew 2 inches! She 33 inches tall - also 25th percentile! What a big girl!

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Morgan's Year In Review

Morgan had such an eventful year! Here are some of the highlights:

12 months, Jan-Feb 2005

  • Turned one!
  • Weighed in at just about 18 lbs.
  • Got her first (and so far only) ear infection

13 months, Feb-March 2005

  • Went to her first Valentine's Day Party!
  • Grew her first set of molars! (ouch)

14 Months, March - April 2005

  • Enjoyed an Easter Egg hunt

15 months, April - May 2005

  • Morgan said her first word: "Hi!"
  • Started a Baby Yoga class!
  • Had a Developmental Evaluation to determine if she had a speech delay. (She had a minor one.)

16 months, May-June 2005

  • Flew to San Diego. Visited with all the Grandparent and many of the Aunts & Uncles. Saw SeaWorld and the San Diego Zoo.
  • Went to her first baseball game (Norfolk Tides v. Rochester Red Wings)
  • Had Audiology test which found no hearing in her right ear due to impacted ear wax. Had wax removed (very traumatic process) and hearing tested within normal limits.

17 months, June-July 2005

  • Went to Busch Gardens Williamsburg and rode her first theme park rides!
  • Learned Ring-Around-the-Rosy!
  • Spent a lot of time at the beach!

18 months, July-August 2005

  • Mastered her 10th word!
  • Took at trip to Charlottesville, VA with Daddy's work. Hiked in the mountains, visited Monticello, and made lots of friends from all over the world!
  • Rode in her special seat on Daddy's bike!

19 months, August-Sept 2005

20 months, Sept-Oct 2005

21 months, Oct-Nov 2005

  • Mastered 100 words!
  • Celebrated Halloween with Grandpa!

22 months, Nov-Dec 2005

23 months, Dec-Jan 2005

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Birthday Fun!

Morgan had a great day today! See the pictures! We got up and went down to the Children's Museum where Morgan played like a wild-girl. She didn't slow down to a walk the whole time! Then we went to McDonald's for some birthday McNuggets. Morgan drank 2 boxes of apple juice and was on such a sugar high that she couldn't nap. Once Daddy got home the party really started! We had Macaroni & Cheese and Chicken Kabobs for dinner. Then presents! Morgan ripped through all (and there were a lot) of her presents in about 5 minutes. She really got into the opening this time. Then she enjoyed her Winnie-the-Pooh cake and then we got down to business playing with all the presents. See the video below to see her playing with her "Band in a Box". I think the girl has some talent!


Two Years Old!

And congratulations to Aunt Beth and soon-to-be-Uncle Todd!

Sunday, January 08, 2006

Fun with "Mama" and "Boppa"

Morgan has been busy the past couple of days playing with Grandma & Grandpa who are visiting from California. In the past she's taken a while to get used to them, but this time they were all best friends right from the start. They've played all of Morgan's favorite games like shopping cart, MagnaDoodle, stickers, Elmo's doctor, and baseball. Morgan has been having a blast and its been a nice break for Jon & I. We even escaped to the movies this afternoon!
The grandparents will be here through the big birthday on Tuesday.