Thursday, December 14, 2006


Conventional wisdom says that Morgan & Zach look nothing alike. But I think I'm starting to see a little similarity. Maybe in the smile?

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Five Months

Yet another great month for Zachary. Here are some highlights.

  • Zach now weighs over 16 lbs. That makes him (a) in the 60% percentile for his age, (b) about the same size Morgan was at 9 months, and (c) on pace to outgrow his infant car seat by Valentines Day.

  • He can nearly sit up without support. He balances for about 30 seconds (or long enough to snap 9 pictures) before toppling backwards or collapsing forward on himself. See pictures below.

  • Zach is now able to get revenge on Morgan for 5 months of abuse. He pulls hair. Hard.

  • He's decided that predictable sleep patterns are for suckers - and Zach's no sucker!

  • Zach had his first Thanksgiving this month and decided that Thanksgiving is kind of lame when you don't eat solid food.

  • Zach went on his 3rd plane trip this month. He's quite the jetsetter.

  • Zach got to go to Aunt Beth & Uncle Todd's wedding. He even got to go with all the bridesmaids to get manicures & pedicures and stayed in a hotel with us the night before the wedding.

  • We thought Zach got his first tooth this month. It disappeared about a week after it appeared so I guess it wasn't a tooth after all.

  • Zach loves toys now. And not just to chew on. He actually plays with them the way they were intended to be played with. He shakes shakey toys, pulls on pully toys, scrunches scrunchy toys, squeezes squeezy toys, etc. Its very cute.

Next up is month 6 - with Zach's first christmas and a road trip to San Diego. Should be fun!

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Conversations with Morgan

Mom: Morgan, eat your turkey. It wants to go to the party in your tummy with its friend Mashed Potatoes.

Morgan: Have fun at the party, Turkey.

Mom: Eat your aspargus. It wants to go to the party too. Listen

Asparagus: Morgan, pleeese let me go to the party. All of my friends are there.

Morgan: reacing out to touch Asparagus, in a sad voice; But I don't like you.

Before a nap
Morgan: Read me another story.

Mom: I'll tell you a joke instead. Why did the chicken cross the road?

Morgan: Why?

Mom: To get to the other side!

Morgan: Where?

Mom: Of the road.

Morgan, looking out the window: I can't see it.

Mom: Its not really there. Its just a joke.

Morgan: Oh. Is it a big chicken?

Mom: Maybe. Its more of a hypothetical chicken.

Morgan: Why chicken cross the road?

Mom: To get to the other side!

Morgan: I wanna see the chicken!

Mom: There is no chicken. It was just a joke. Sorry.

Morgan: I need a chicken now!

Mom: I guess my joke wasn't very funny.

Morgan: No. When can I see the chicken?

This morning
Morgan: Daddy, play with me!

Dad: What do you want to play?

Morgan: Play purses with me.

Dad: Ummm, can we play something else? I don't feel like playing purses.

Morgan: Okay, lets play ball. Come in my room.

Dad: Okay. Why are you shutting the door?

Morgan: Door needs be shut.

Dad: Okay, where's the ball.

Morgan: Now we play purses!

Wednesday, November 29, 2006


Zach looked so grown up in his big boy overalls yesterday. And he is so grown up - he has his first TOOTH! (No, you can't see it in the picture. Thats just glare.) Hopefully that explains all the sleeplessness, runny nose, cough, and general irritablility over the last few days. I can't believe he's already teething. Morgan didn't start getting teeth until she was 7 or 8 months old I think. Morgan is particularly excited about Zach's tooth because she thinks it means he is going to be able to talk. Not sure where she got the idea but she has always said "Zachary can't talk because he has no teeth." We tell her no, he can't talk because he is a baby and hasn't learned yet, but I guess she doesn't believe us.

And here is your funny Zach face of the day!

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Flower Girl - Part 2

The photographer didn't believe us when we told him that Morgan was afraid of having her picture taken. But after she let loose another one of her screams, he understood. Morgan is represented in the pictures here by her basket (or bakset, as she says).

By the time the wedding started Morgan had calmed down and cheered up. She considered walking down the aisle with Grandma & Grandpa, but Abby convinced her to wait. Abby can get Morgan to do just about anything. I wish we could have brought Abby home with us!

So Morgan walked down the aisle with me and Abby holding her hands. She only stopped two or three times to cover her face because, of course, there was a photographer taking pictures. And she was really pretty well behaved during the ceremony. She only had to take one potty break. And she covered her ears everytime the music started. And she did call out "HI MADELYNNE & MEGAN!!!" when she spotted two more of her cousins in the crowd. It was pretty cute - and only a little disruptive!

After the wedding it was time for more pictures. We weren't even going to try to make Morgan be in them, but then Jon got the great idea to use reverse psychology. "Don't smile" he told her. "Don't be in the pictures." And she would run right up to the front and pose for a split second before squealing and running back. I'm sure the photographer never thought he'd be shooting so much action at a wedding. Our camera wasn't quick enough to capture Morgan with the rest of the wedding party, but these pictures give some idea of how much fun she was having at this point.

Finally, some scenes from the reception. Morgan with her "champagne". Dancing with Daddy. And a really bad family photo.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Flower Girl

When my sister Beth and I were little (about 4 and 7) we were invited to serve as flowergirls in a family friend's wedding. Beth chickened out at the last minute leaving me to walk down the aisle all alone. I was so mad! Especially since they still let her be in the pictures. Even at such a young age, that offended my sense of journalistic integrity! I've always maintained that it was Beth's fault the marriage didn't last. (She says that it was me who was bad luck and I should have backed out too.) So, when Beth asked Morgan to be a flowergirl in her wedding we thought: payback time. Much to my surprise, Morgan did end up participating in the wedding - in her own unique style, of course.

The adventure started Friday afternoon at the rehearsal. Morgan was very excited to meet her 8-year-old cousin (my cousin, actually) and co-flowergirl, Abby. And she was thrilled at we let her wear her white flowergirl shoes to practice in. But when we walked into the church Morgan looked to the left, then the right, then let out a blood-curldling shriek. I can't say I completely blame her. The church is kind of scary with the stained glass, heavy pews and shiny gold...structure up in front. I thought that might have been the end of it right there, but after some holy water (holy water makes you brave) and a chat with her new best friend Abby, we got her back inside the church and she made it through the rehearsal. Then Morgan got a balloon duck at the rehearsal dinner so she was feeling good.

Maybe she'll do it, everyone said. She seems ready. But I was still skeptical. It just so happens that two of Morgan's current phobias are photography and live music.

Morgan's participation in the wedding was in doubt up until the moment she was to walk down the aisle. She was fussy and uncooperative all morning. She cried when we tried to put her dress on and cried when we told her she didn't have to. She would only let Abby brush her hair (thank goodness for Abby) and no one could wipe the breakfast off her face. To make matters worse, her flower basket turned out to be really heavy! Abby solved that problem by agreeing to help Morgan carry the basket and so we wrangled Morgan into her dress and headed outside for some pictures.

To be continued...

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Welcome Baby Nora!

Morgan's best friend from Virgina, Shannon, just became a big sister! Nora Alexis was born Monday morning. I just know Shannon is going to love having a baby to take care of. She was always so cute "mommying" her baby dolls and loving on any baby she saw. Good thing Morgan's not around to teach her any bad habits! Just kidding (sort of). Congratulations Shannon!

Monday, November 13, 2006

Four Months

Time continues to fly by - little Zachary is now a third of a year old! It was another exciting month. Here are some highlights:

  • Zach was the only male at his Aunt Beth's bridal shower. He was a big hit.
  • He got to go to Aunt Jewd's birthday party!
  • Zach now laughs easily and often.
  • We made the big move up to the Bay Area. Zach got to fly on another airplane, live in a hotel for 2 weeks and then live in an empty house to 2 weeks. He is actually the only family member who has slept in the same bed for the last 3 months.
  • Zach learned to roll over from his back to his tummy!
  • Zach has become a drool machine! If there was some way to make money off of baby drool, we would be incredibly wealthy.
  • Zach had his first Halloween and got to go trick or treating with big sister Morgan!
  • Much of Zach's free time is now spent sucking on his fingers. He's even learning to suck his thumb. He likes this so much that he sometimes tries to sneak his fingers in his mouth while he's eating. If nothing else, its good incentive for me to keep his fingernails short!
  • Zach will occasionally take his fingers out of his mouth long enough to play with his toys. He can grab them now and put them in his mouth. Or, sometimes, bonk himself in the head with them. He doesn't even seem to care that his baby swing has dead batteries as long as we hang lots of fun toys from it.


  • Zach has joined a band. See below.

Friday, November 10, 2006

We have furniture!

It will probably take us through Thanksgiving weekend to unpack, but we have beds to sleep in, a table to eat on, at a couch to relax on. Hooray!

Monday, November 06, 2006

Bald Spot

At least Zach's is pretty much centered on his head. Since Morgan always slept facing right, the hair on the left side of her head was about twice as thick as the right. It didn't start to even out until she was almost a year old.

Friday, November 03, 2006

Halloween 2006

Our Halloween this year was pretty lame. We just barely managed to squeeze it in. I was happy to see that I was not the only one at Target Halloween morning buying costumes. I took Morgan to a preschoolers-only trick-or-treating event at some local shops. (After driving around completely lost for 40 minutes, that is.) She refused to actually say "trick-or-treat" of course, but she is cute so they gave her candy anyway. Now she asks every morning if she can wear her costume and get more candy.

And what was her costume? Well, she thinks it was a butterfly which is what she wanted. All I could find with wings was a fairy princess dress 2 sizes too big that kept falling off. At least she is too young to really care. Oh well, I promise to try harder next year! :-)

Moved in!

Well, sort of. We are moved in. 90% of our belongings are making a slow trek westward. They should get here sometime around the 9th. We have air mattresses and sleeping bags and a tablecloth to put on the floor when we eat. Its like camping! Yay camping! Its just nice to have a home again.

We ended up not taking the apartment I blogged about earlier. We found a waaaay better place. It is a townhouse, pretty big, with 3 bedrooms, a 2-car garage, a washer & dryer, and a small yard. It is walking distance to 2 parks (3 if we are ambitious walkers) and best of all just over a mile from Jon's work!

Morgan seems to like it. She picked out her room (which she will eventually share with Zach) and since most of the place is empty she sees it as a giant dance floor. She did tell me that she was sad that the house "had no colors" and that she missed her "red kitchen". We miss it too.

But I'm sure it will look more interesting when we have our furniture and everything.
Here are some pictures.You can see our "minimalist" approach to interior decorating.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Three things I have learned

1. Putting my cell phone on vibrate so it "doesn't wake up the baby", doesn't work if I leave the phone under the baby.

2. Morgan eats too much fast food.
She saw an alarm symbol much like the one pictured here in our hotel's elevator and exclaimed, "There's a Taco Bell in our elevator!"

3. Astronomy lessons should be done in private...
Until your child can distinguish between the words "Venus" and "penis". Morgan is an aspiring astronaut right now so we took a "spacewalk" in her "spacestroller" with "astrozach" and "spacemommy" to look for "planets". We'll skip the 2nd planet from now on.

Friday, October 13, 2006

Three Months

This was Zach's busiest month yet! And he's growing up so fast,
This month, Zachary:
  • Mastered the art of holding his head up.
  • Went to his first baseball game.
  • Took his first trolley ride.
  • Visited SeaWorld.
  • Met his Great-Grandparents
  • Took his first roadtrip.
  • Giggled. (You really have to work to get one out of him, though.)
  • Rolled over front to back.
  • Started "playing" with his toys by batting at them with his hands.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

On our way to San Jose!

Sorry for the long posting delay. We've been really busy! We were gone most of last week in San Jose looking for our new home! Jon got a new job in Silicon Valley so we will be moving to San Jose this month. We cant wait to have our own place again after living out of suitcases for 6 weeks! And Morgan is really excited to go to "the Jose" because our aparment complex has a pool, a pond with ducks, and a playground! And it will be nice to be a little bit closer to our family in southern California. It is only a 7 hour drive for normal people. Of course, it took us almost 11 hours to get home last Thursday. Unfortunately, Zach is just not a happy car baby and we had to stop about a million times for him. I even broke down and gave him a pacifier. It entertained him for a little while, at least. Thank goodness we're flying up on Sunday!

Monday, September 25, 2006

Baseball History

Morgan, Zachary, Aunt Bethie, Mommy & Daddy got to see Trevor Hoffman set a new all-time saves record today! This was very special because when you root for the Padres, things like this don't happen very often. We sat in the upper deck, row 24 (of 27) and it was extremely cold and windy - so cold that we actually went to the souvenier shop and bought Morgan a blanket. Even then, we spent most of the game walking around parts of the stadium where it was a perfect 78 degree San Diego day. But we were back in our seats for the 9th inning and got to see Hoffman make baseball history (without even loading the bases first - a nice surprise!) . The clebration was a bit loud for Morgan & Zach, but Morgan stayed focused on her Brian-Giles-in-a-Box that was the give-away at the stadium today. I had no idea how exhausting it was to go to a ballgame with 2 kids in tow. Jon & I as just beat! I think everyone is asleep now, so I am going to bed.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Thursday, September 21, 2006


Morgan threw up today shortly after I put her down for her nap. I thought it was because of all the crying and protesting she was doing since she didn't seem sick. She was not happy about naptime today. So I cleaned her up and put her back to bed. A few minutes later I heard her gagging again so I ran into her room. She hadn't thrown up this time and looked quite happy.

"What happened?" I asked her.
"There's a hole in my mouth!" she announced proudly.
"What do you mean? Where?"
"Right here!"
And she shoved her finger down her throat.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Two Months

Wow! Zach turned two months old on Tuesday. What a busy month this was.
This month, Zachary:
  • Moved out of his first house.
  • Took his first airplane trip.
  • Met the rest of his Grandparents.
  • Grew into size 2 diapers.
  • Grew out of most of his 0-3 month clothes.
  • Went to the beach for the first time.
  • Smiled!

Zach also had to go for his 2-month well-baby check-up yesterday. He got 4 shots and was a very sad baby all afternoon and evening. He doesn't have the really angry cry like Morgan had (still does!) . Zach has more of a sad, sobbing cry and it make us feel so bad! But he woke up around 10:30pm in a great mood and seems to be feeling better today. The rest of the appointment went well. He is still a big boy - 12 lbs 10oz (75th percentile) and 24 inches (90th percentile).