Saturday, December 31, 2005

Milk, Please!

We thought Morgan was so polite! Whenever she wants milk, she will say "milk, please" (ok, "mnyuk, meez") or "more milk, please" in her cute little voice. What great parents we must be teaching her manners like that!

Then she got a toy shopping cart for Christmas. With some toy food.

Yesterday she inventoried all of the food for me.

"Dookies!" she said handing me the box of cookies.

"Zoop!" and she pulled out the can of soup.

She picked up the milk carton. "Mnyuk, meez!"

She moved on to the juice. "Tzoose!"

"Wait, wait, wait" I said going back to the milk carton. "What is this?"

"Mnyuk, meez"

"Its milk," I said. "Can you say milk?"

Morgan nodded. "Mnyuk, meez".

I found her baby doll with a little baby bottle. "What is the baby drinking?" I asked.

"Mnyuk, meez!"

So, maybe she's not so polite after all.

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