Saturday, December 31, 2005

Happy New Year!


Milk, Please!

We thought Morgan was so polite! Whenever she wants milk, she will say "milk, please" (ok, "mnyuk, meez") or "more milk, please" in her cute little voice. What great parents we must be teaching her manners like that!

Then she got a toy shopping cart for Christmas. With some toy food.

Yesterday she inventoried all of the food for me.

"Dookies!" she said handing me the box of cookies.

"Zoop!" and she pulled out the can of soup.

She picked up the milk carton. "Mnyuk, meez!"

She moved on to the juice. "Tzoose!"

"Wait, wait, wait" I said going back to the milk carton. "What is this?"

"Mnyuk, meez"

"Its milk," I said. "Can you say milk?"

Morgan nodded. "Mnyuk, meez".

I found her baby doll with a little baby bottle. "What is the baby drinking?" I asked.

"Mnyuk, meez!"

So, maybe she's not so polite after all.

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Friday, December 23, 2005


Morgan really enjoyed her first trip to Disneyworld last week. Jon & I had a blast too.
On Friday we flew down to Orlando. The plane was pretty crowded, but Morgan was so well behaved. We watched some Nemo on the computer and ate lots of goldfish crackers. Morgan loves flying so she had fun looking out the window and making airplane noises. Then Morgan got to ride a bus. She had been looking forward to that for weeks! Over the 4 days she got to ride tons of busses and I think that was one of her favorite parts of the whole trip!
Once we got checked into our hotel we visited Downtown Disney for lunch and window shopping. Morgan found some jumping fountains and got herself all wet. Unfortunately, it was pretty cold out!
On Saturday, the real fun began. We started the day at Animal Kingdom. This is a GREAT park. Beautiful, well laid out, with lots of fun rides, shows, and animal exhibits. The Safari truck ride was excellent and we got to see giraffes, hippos, elephants (even baby elephants!), crocodiles, and much more. Morgan also really enjoyed the petting zoo! She "maaa-ed" at goats and "moo-ed" at a cow. She wasn't afraid of the animals at all. Morgan also got to meet her first Disney character at Animal Kingdom - Minnie Mouse! Minnie got lots of smiles and even a hug from Morgan. Lucky Minnie!

In the afternoon we hopped over to Disney-MGM Studios. We thought Morgan would really enjoy the Playhouse Disney show which features some of her favorite Disney Channel characters like Jojo (from Jojo's Circus) and Bear (of the Big Blue House). But Morgan started screaming as soon as we walked into the auditorium so the show was a no-go. Too bad. We also made the mistake of taking her on the Backlot Tour ride which, besides being very lame, was terrifying to Morgan during the special effects, blow up a truck sequence. Oops. Morgan did however like getting her picture taken with Mickey and ALL his friends (she was so enthralled by the Mouse that she wouldn't look at the camera), climbing on the giant plants and bugs in the Honey, I Shrunk the Kids playground, and seeing the park all lit up with Christmas lights.

Morgan went all day with no nap so we hoped she'd sleep well at the hotel. It was not to be. She woke up a bunch and then got up for good around 6am. Jon & I were glad that we had decided to go to bed at 8 too!

Saturday we decided to spend the whole day at the Magic Kingdom. We got off to a rocky start when we say a singing and dancing routine on mainstreet which Morgan was afraid of. (I guess she doesn't like live entertainment.) But by the time she got off her first ride (Teacups) she was all smiles. We actually got on a number of rides: Autopia, Jungle Cruise, Carousel, Its a Small World, Rockets, Aladdin's Carpets, Tom Saywer Island, Disney Railroad and People Movers. We also spent a lot of time in Toontown where Morgan got to play in Mickey's and Minnie's houses and meet more characters. She met Mickey Mouse this time - and went up to him all by herself and talked to him and showed him that she had her name on her ear hat. She also got to meet the Pooh characters which I don't think she knew anything about previously. But that didn't bother her. She gave Pooh a hug, let Eyeore pick her up, and tried to cut in line to see Tigger.

It rained off and on the whole day, but I think it just kept the crowds a little lighter. We managed to stay mostly dry and have a great time.

Morgan didn't nap on Sunday and was up early again Monday morning and by that time the lack of sleep was beginning to show. We started Monday with a temper tantrum over picking up a bottle of soap she threw on the ground. So we got a late start to Epcot with all three of us in a bad mood.

Epcot was the only park we didn't really like. It was hard to get around and seemed very crowded. Most theme parks are designed to minimize the feeling of crowded even on really busy days. This one failed in that. We only stayed a couple of hours. We thought Morgan would like to see the show with Crush from Finding Nemo, but you know how she feels about shows. So we attempted to salvage the day by going back to Animal Kingdom.

Once again, we had a great time! Morgan played in Dinoland - climbing, going down slides, and digging up dinosaur "bones". Then we got to see even more characters. This time we saw "Goopy" (Goofy), Mickey, Pooh, Eyeore, Piglet, Tigger, Baloo (who got a huge bear hug despite Morgan not knowing who he is), and Mickey again! I can't believe we got to meet so many characters. Its definitely set up better than when I was a kid. Character appearances are scheduled and very well organized with lines and a photographer.

For dinner we went to the Animal Kingdom Lodge which is a very fancy hotel and ate a delicious meal at their nice restaurant. Then we went back to Magic Kingdom for some (okay, lots) of souvenir shopping and to see all the christmas lights lit up. Morgan fell asleep in the stroller right when we got there and didn't wake up until the fireworks we we got some good Chrismas and birthday shopping done. By the time we got back to the hotel we were EXHAUSTED!

We flew home on Tuesday and everything went smoothly after we got past the almost-missed-the-bus-to-the-airport crisis in the morning. Morgan got to bring home a big Mickey doll which she plays with all the time.

Such a fun trip! I'm glad we got the chance to go an hope we can take Morgan back to "Nis-ney Wool" some day!

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Dear Pepperidge Farm,

Dear Wonderful People at Pepperidge Farm,

Thank you so much for inventing Goldfish Crackers. You have made my life much easier.


Complete Disney trip recap coming soon!!!

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Baby Lyla

Morgan finally got to meet Baby Lyla today. Lyla is my friend Stephanie's 13-day-old little girl. She is sooooo cute! Ever since we bought a little gift for Lyla a few weeks ago Morgan hasn't been able to stop talking about her. "Baby Lyla" this, "Baby Lyla" that. "Baby Lyla" on her toy telephone. Who made this mess? "Baby Lyla", of course! So Morgan gave Lyla her present in its pink "purse" (gift bag) and only cried a bit when she didn't get to take the present home with her.

Monday, December 12, 2005


Morgan got this Santa Hat from her grandparents recently. She loves the hat and calls it her "Ho-Ho-Hat". She loves it in the sense that she gives it hugs and want to carry it around all the time and makes everyone else wear it. She will not, however, wear it herself. Its too bad, because it would make a great picture. It totally looks like Santa is eating her head!


We've been trying to get Morgan to use her name for a while. First, she would insist that her name was "Baby". We would tell her "Say Morgan wants to eat." She would answer "Baby eat!" The she started calling herself by any name other than her own. Bob. Elmo. Nemo. Daddy. Choo-choo.
But now she calls herself "Mor-ee"!!! She'll identify herself in (recent) pictures. And she likes to sing "Happy Day, Mor-ee" practicing for her birthday next month.

Thursday, December 01, 2005


Morgan's new favorite TV show is Disney's Little Einsteins. Every morning when she gets up she asks to watch the "Tie-ties". I think she'd even choose it over Bob or Elmo right now. Its hard for me to see what she likes so much about it. It seems a little advanced for her. They try to teach musical concepts like "crecendo" and "diminuendo" and "staccato". I know Morgan is smart, but I don't think she's quite there yet. She is still working (rather unsuccessfully) on "loud" and "quiet"! But the show features classical music and art so its probably not doing her any harm. And at least its not Barney!