Sunday, November 20, 2005

Too many to count

I will probably be retiring Morgan's Word List at the end of the month. She is talking so much now that I just can't keep track of all her new words! She repeats almost everything we say. On Saturday, Jon described the mall as a "nut house" and Morgan sang the rest of the way home "nut house! nut house!". We've really got to be careful now about what types of things we say!!! She also learned "Mis-mis" - Christmas - from somewhere. We haven't really been talking about it much and I doubt they are learning about it in school yet. But we went down to "Holiday Lights at the Beach" and she pointed out the window and yelled "Mis-mis". Very smart, that girl. That was before, of course, she decided that she was scared of the lights and cried the whole way down the boardwalk. Oh well. Sometime this week I will try to get a video of Morgan "dobble"-ing like a turkey, so check back often.

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