Friday, November 04, 2005

Sesame Street Live - Morgan's Review

Hi! Morgan here. Mom and Dad took me to Sesame Street Live last night. I have never sat through a more terrifying 30 seconds in my entire life!!!I thought Halloween was over! This was worse than swimming! Worse than goats! Worse than school! As bad as IMAX! There was loud music, and flashing lights, and lots of people. Why would anyone go to this voluntarily???? I heard that the show lasted an hour! What torture! I guess it was nice to see Elmo in person. I was looking forward to that. He dances better than you might expect. And it was wierd that all of the Sesame monsters were the same size. I thought Cookie Monster would be a lot bigger than Elmo, but he wasn't. Anyway, it was scary and awful and I told Mommy and Daddy to take me home right away, which they did. From now on, I will just watch Elmo on TV the way it is supposed to be!

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