Wednesday, October 19, 2005

5 a.m.

Yesterday, Morgan slept until 9:15! That is a new record. I kept going in and checking on her to make sure she was okay. Not sure why she slept so long - she went to bed at her usual time and only woke up briefly once or twice overnight. It was awfully nice being able to get up and get stuff done before she woke!

Well, this morning she decided to make up for it. 5 a.m! I was worried that she might be feeling bad - Jon & I both have colds - but that didn't seem to be the case. She was just...up. I went in her room. "Down, please?" she asked. "No," I said "its still night time. You need to go back to sleep." "No. Down, please." Argh.

When I picked her up from school today (another good day, btw) she was so sleepy she could barely lift her arm to wave good bye!

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