Wednesday, September 07, 2005

First day of "school"

Morgan started school today. Well, its not really school. Its a "Moms Day Out" program that she will be going to one morning a week. I was pretty sure that the teachers wouldn't be able to calm her down today and she would get sent home early - and possibly asked not to come back. She can be quite the screamer when she gets going. Jon was worried too - especially after her dropped her off and she screamed "Dada, dada! Daaaaaaaadddddyyyyyyyyy!". Painful for both of them. But Morgan lasted the whole 4 hours! Her teacher said that she stopped crying when they got out to the playground and then only got weepy intermittently after that. When Jon picked her up she was sitting with Mr. Neil (the classroom aide and the director's husband) playing puzzles. Yay for Morgan! We are so proud of her for being so brave. And relieved that she will be welcome back next week!
Isn't Morgan cute with her little lunchbag????

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maryanne said...

What a big girl! I cannot imagine her eating lunch at "school". Too cute.