Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Two-Word Phrases

Another huge milestone reached! Morgan has started using two-word phrases. You have no idea how proud we were when Morgan looked into a swirling toilet and said "Bye-bye poo-poo". Music to Mommy and Daddy's ears! Now she says "Hi" and "Bye-bye" to all sorts of things:
"Bye-bye Mommy"
"Bye-bye Daddy"
"Hi vroom-vroom"
"Bye-bye ball"
"Hi duck"
Then she started saying "stinky". And then "stinky poo-poo". This baby definitely has my family's sense of humor! Now she says:
"stinky daddy"
"stinky mommy"
"stinky sock"
She has also started combining words with "please" and "nigh-nigh".
Hooray for Morgan!

Monday, September 26, 2005


Providing that she does not grow at all in the next 35 days, Morgan will be a duck for Halloween.

We saw this at Target yesterday and it was sooo cute that we went back today and bought it. (I sure never thought I'd spend $15 on a Halloween costume! I hate Halloween!) The tag said for ages 1-2 years so I thought it would fit - Morgan is small for her age after all. We took it home (Morgan asked for "duck" the entire way back) and tried it on. Morgan laughed and hugged herself. The costume is very soft and furry.

But it doesn't really fit. Its too tight in the crotch and the hood kind of forces her head down. Its also not long pants like it the picture. The legs go to about her knees! Not that Morgan minds. She cried and cried when I made her take it off. All through lunch she cried for her duck. She would eat a bite of noodles and then sob "duck, duck, duuuuuuuck". Then have a bite of carrots. "Duck, duck, duuuuuck".

I'm not sure what to do. I think I'll hang onto it and look for something that fits her better. So... if you happen to come across a cute, fuzzy duck costume in size 2T for under $20 - let me know! We will reimburse you and pay shipping!

Friday, September 23, 2005

Pimp My Cozy Coupe

Morgan got her first car last week - a used, one-door Cozy Coupe. We rescued it from the garbage on the side of the road. I'd say its about 5 years old with around 1 mile on it. Its pretty much a clunker: no air conditioning, no radio, no power steering, power brakes or power windows. Actually it has no brakes or windows at all. No power either now that I think about it.

I think we will write to MTV's Pimp My Ride and ask them to help.

Dear MTV,
I love my car, but it really needs help! I have seen all of the cars you've customized on your show, but none has been in as bad a shape as mine! I have no floor in my car. No windows either. And my steering wheel is not connected to the wheels in any way. Now, I am not an automotive expert, but I think thats just not right.
I also don't have room for any passengers. I have a very big family! Bob the Builder, Blankie, Baby Dolly, Bird, Elmo, Lion, Doggie, and my 10 penguins are not able to ride with me. I have to take them one at a time. I guess I could put someone in the trunk, but that is where I keep my sippy cup. Did I mention that my car has no cup holders?!?!?! What's up with that?!?!? How do they expect a modern toddler to drive without cup holders?!?!
I don't have a horn in my car either. What good is a car that cannot go "beep-beep". In fact, my car doesn't even go "vroom-vroom". I can make the "vroom-vroom" pretty well, but Mommy and Daddy's cars go "vroom-vroom" all by themselves! Why can't my car do that?
Because of the lack of "vroom", my car doesn't go very fast. I usually just get out and push. Thats the only way to get anywhere. Maybe it would help if we painted flames on the side.
Speaking of paint, what's with the orange & yellow? I would like to see some "reeeeehd", "brwoooooo" or "pur-poh".
I've had Bob the Builder try to fix my car. Can he fix it? Umm, not really.
Please help the Cozy Coupe, MTV!

Thursday, September 22, 2005


We started Parent/Tot gymnastics this morning. Except for being 10 minutes late (my fault - thought it started at 9:30 not 9:00) it was pretty fun. Morgan was her usual self, just prefering to watch until everyone else had completed an activity. As soon as the group moved on, Morgan was all over things. We did lots of trampoline jumping, balance beam walking, and uneven bars hanging. In future weeks, Morgan will hopefully try a forward roll, a cartwheel, and a "spider-man" handstand.

Fun With Grandma

Morgan sure had fun with Grandma this past week! They did lots of shopping, saw some cows, went to the air show to see "banes", played Bob the Builder, played with Morgan's new baby doll, visited the park, collected pine cones, chased ducks, took a walk, played trains, built block towers, sang songs, ate dip, played hide-and-seek, read the butterfly book, and shared some deeee-licious ice cream! Morgan can't wait to visit with Grandma again!

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Today we will share a cucumber

I forgot to mention this below. The sign on Morgan's classroom door yesterday said "Today we will share a cucumber". Is that some sort of Baptist tradition?

Wednesday, September 14, 2005


We are currently under a tropical storm warning and hurricane watch. Ophelia is supposed to bring us heavy rain and strong winds tonight through tomorrow. I guess I should go bring in the toys from the yard. I'd hate to have Morgan's wiffle ball go through the new windows our neighbor just put in!

The Second Day of "School"

Morgan stayed at school the whole time again. Ms. Denise says "she's still adjusting" which I take to mean she cried all day. I know she was crying when I dropped her off and crying when I picked her up and now she is sleeping like a log. But she made a nice collage of buttons on construction paper so that will look nice on the fridge.

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

First day of "school"

Morgan started school today. Well, its not really school. Its a "Moms Day Out" program that she will be going to one morning a week. I was pretty sure that the teachers wouldn't be able to calm her down today and she would get sent home early - and possibly asked not to come back. She can be quite the screamer when she gets going. Jon was worried too - especially after her dropped her off and she screamed "Dada, dada! Daaaaaaaadddddyyyyyyyyy!". Painful for both of them. But Morgan lasted the whole 4 hours! Her teacher said that she stopped crying when they got out to the playground and then only got weepy intermittently after that. When Jon picked her up she was sitting with Mr. Neil (the classroom aide and the director's husband) playing puzzles. Yay for Morgan! We are so proud of her for being so brave. And relieved that she will be welcome back next week!
Isn't Morgan cute with her little lunchbag????

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Hot Mama

This is my new hair cut. I like We will see how it looks when I have to style it all by myself tomorrow. They chopped off almost 6 inches of hair - my head feels so much lighter now! I have to go get a blow dryer now (Jon burnt out my last one trying to quick-dry the wall plaster) and one of those round brushes. And if all esle fails, its still long enough to pull back into a ponytail!