Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Swimming lessons

Well, Morgan is almost done with her first swim class. Her reaction to it has been...mixed.

She loves the part where she gets to play with a rubber duckie. We toss the duckies and then she has to use her "reach and pull" to get her duck back. She's even comfortable being supported just by the"noodle" (those foamy, floaty tubey thingies) during that part!

And she enjoys blowing bubbles. She'll actually put her face in the water for it! I think its her favorite part of the class. If you ask her how swimming went, she'll blow you a big raspberry. And she's started blowing bubbles into her milk at dinner - we're trying to put a stop to that!

We do a lot of songs in the pool too. "Wheels on the Bus", Ring Around the Rosy", "I'm a Little Pancake", "Hokey Pokey", etc. She likes them okay. Sometimes she will participate and other times she will be digging her really sharp fingernails into the back of my neck.

But after that she just falls apart. She hates "Humpty Dumpty" where she sits on the edge and then "falls" into the pool. And she doesn't like "Blast Off" where she holds onto the edge and then tries to push off backwards. And she certainly won't do "Jack be Nimble" and jump into the pool. She just sits on the side for all of those.

So it hasn't been a terrible experience. Morgan likes it enough to get REALLY REALLY excited when we get there and to say "more, more" when we leave. I think we'll try it again when she is 2. There is a little girl in our class now who is almost three. Her dad says it is their 3rd time trying swimming and the only time they've made it past 2 lessons!

I think for the fall I want to do some gymnastics with her. There is a school that I can get her in through the rec center that is right near our house so I will probably try that. Some of Morgan's new favorite activities are jumping off of things and bouncing on things so I'm thinking gymnastics might be a good match for her right now.

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