Tuesday, August 30, 2005

A Day on the Farm

The following conversation has been modified from its original format. "Morgan-ese" has been translated to standard english for your convienience.

Me: Hey, Morgan! Do you want to go to a farm today?

Morgan: E-I-E-I-O!

Me: That's right. Let's get in the car so we can go to the farm.

Morgan: Bike?

Me: No, we can't ride our bikes there. We have to drive.

Morgan: Vroom! Vroom!

Me: Here we are at the farm! Do you see the chickens?

Morgan: Doodle do! Doodle do!

Me: Look! Goats! Can you say hi to the goats?

Morgan: waving Hi! Hi! Hi!

Me: Aww. The goats like you! Lets go pet the goats.

Goats: Maaa-aaaa-aaaa!

Morgan: No! No! Nooooooooooo!

Me: Ok. We'll just watch the goats. Look, here comes a turkey to see us.

Turkey: Gobble-gobble-gobble!

Morgan: Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Nooooooooooo!

Me: Hmm...okay. No turkeys either. Lets see what else they have here at the farm.

Morgan: Neigh-neigh.

Me: Sounds good. Lets look for the horseys.

Morgan: Neigh-neigh-neigh! Neigh-neigh-neigh! E-I-E-I-O!

Me: Look at that, Morgan! A mommy horsey and a baby horsey! I have some horse food. Do you want to feed the horses?

Morgan: Eat! Eat!

Me: See how the horseys eat the food out of Mommy's hand? Now its your turn.

Morgan: holds out food which the horse eats Nooooooo! No! No! Neigh! Mama! Mama! Mama!

Me: Okay. Sorry. We won't feed the horses anymore.

Morgan: pointing to horses More?

Me: Really? You want to go back to the horseys?

Morgan: nods Pleeeeease?

Me: If you insist.

We approch the horses.

Morgan: Noooooooooooo! Mama! Mama! Nooooooo!

Me: sigh How about the pigs? You like pigs!

Morgan: snort-snort!

And so on.....

Monday, August 22, 2005


We'll be taking Morgan back for her follow-up with the speech therapist in about another month. I think they'll say that she is all caught up. I found a chart on the American Academy of Family Physicians website. According to this, Morgan should have at lest 20 words with about 20% of them understood by strangers. I just updated her list, and she has 30 total words (not including animal sounds)! Way to go Morgan! For someone who said her first word at 14 months, she has made some awesome progress! Even better, she pronounces at least 13 of her words correctly! Thats pretty darn close to 50%.

Friday, August 19, 2005

Is summer over yet?

I'm tired of summer. This weekend we are supposed to have heat indexes in the 100s again. Yick. One of the worst things about coming to the end of a season is that Morgan looks like a ragamuffin. (A cute ragamuffin, but still...) A couple of her big achievements over the summer include learing to feed herself with a spoon and fork and to drink from a "big-girl cup" (non-sippy). So all of her clothes are a mess. I can't wait to break out the cold-weather outfits. I think she'll actually still be able to wear at least one pair of jeans from last winter. And she's finally big enough to wear her super cute "J.Lo"-style track suit that Grandma H. gave her when she was born. Of course, its white, so she'll probably only get to wear it once.

Monday, August 15, 2005

Review: Bob The Builder

For Morgan's entire life, our house has been the site of constant repair/improvement/remodeling projects. So we were pretty excited when our PBS station started showing Bob the Builder on weekends. Maybe Morgan would be inspired to help us!Maybe Bob could teach us a thing or two!

Right away, we knew we found in Bob someone who we could relate to. Before each project, Bob and his team ask, "Can we build it?". Their enthusiastic answer? "Yes! We! Can!" Just like us!!! Can we install new doors? Yes! We! Can!
Can we replace the drywall? Yes! We! Can!
Can we tile the bathroom? Yes! We! Can!
Can we hang curtains without ripping a hole in the wall? Yes! We! Can!
See? We're just as optimistic about our projects as Bob.

Unfortunately, just like for Bob, something usually goes wrong for us somewhere a long the line. But the Bob show has given us a new perspective on why things go awry. Its all the equipment's fault. Now, we've always suspected this, but its nice to be validated. Bob and his partner Wendy are saddled with a completely neurotic - and mostly incompetent - crew of construction equipment. There's Dizzy, the cement mixer with ADHD. Scoop, the self-absorbed digger. Lofty, the multi-phobic crane. Muck, the hot-headed digger/dumper who's also afraid of the dark. And Rolley, the steamroller who parties too hard. Working together, these trucks manage to screw up just about every project Bob undertakes.

This must be what is happening at our house too! Trees getting root rot because they're planted too deep? Our shovel must have low self-esteem and was trying to impress us with how far down he could dig. Paint drips on the walls? Paintbrushes are just trying to get attention. Kitchen sink leaking? The garbage disposal must be fighting with the wrenches again. Nails won't go in straight? Maybe our hammer is afraid of loud noises.

With such lousy equipment, its amazing that we get anything accomplished at all! But we do. Just like Bob the Builder, we always manage to get the job done. Our methods, however, differ slightly from Bob here. While he remains eerily calm throughout each ordeal - even when stranded on a scaffolding overnight because Lofty was afraid of heights - we tend to curse and yell, throw and kick things. We're probably not helping our tools' emotional issues very much. Maybe we should learn from Bob the Builder and be a little more patient.

Or maybe not.

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Friday, August 12, 2005


I have been so domestic this week! I picked up a cookbook at the library hoping to find some interesting things to make for Morgan. Eventually she is going to get sick of eating the same carrots/peas/corn mix every day! But I'm on a cooking roll now! Here is what I made:

  • QUICHE On Tuesday I made a quiche! And it was easy! And yummy! Just need a pie shell, swiss cheese, eggs and milk. The recipe said to put chicken in it, but I didn't feel like cooking chicken so I used a little spinach instead. Cook for 35 minutes. Morgan liked it, Jon liked it & I liked it.
  • COOKIES Then I decided to make Morgan some banana oatmeal cookies as a slightly more healthy alternative to oreo's. Its just so hard to resist when she signs "cookie" and says "meeeeez" (please). But I don't want her eating Oreos all day either!
  • MORE COOKIES Then Jon wonders why I only make Morgan cookies and not him. So we made some lemon bars. I kind of burnt the tops, but they turned out okay.
  • SALSA Yesterday I made salsa. Usually, "making salsa" consists of opening the jar all by myself. Not this time. Our neighbor gave us two big bags of their homegrown organic tomatoes and I was trying to think of some way to use them. (Actually, they gave us one bag but then Jon goes and says "Thanks for the tomatoes! We really enjoyed them!" even though we had not eaten even one yet! So...two bags.) Now that I think about it, I should have put one in the quiche. Did you know that tomatoes, onions, garlic, a tiny bit of super spicy green pepper, a little more of not so spicy green pepper, lemon juice, salt and cilantro make salsa? Good salsa, too. Jon thinks I am at least half mexican. We really should open a restaurant.

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Swimming lessons

Well, Morgan is almost done with her first swim class. Her reaction to it has been...mixed.

She loves the part where she gets to play with a rubber duckie. We toss the duckies and then she has to use her "reach and pull" to get her duck back. She's even comfortable being supported just by the"noodle" (those foamy, floaty tubey thingies) during that part!

And she enjoys blowing bubbles. She'll actually put her face in the water for it! I think its her favorite part of the class. If you ask her how swimming went, she'll blow you a big raspberry. And she's started blowing bubbles into her milk at dinner - we're trying to put a stop to that!

We do a lot of songs in the pool too. "Wheels on the Bus", Ring Around the Rosy", "I'm a Little Pancake", "Hokey Pokey", etc. She likes them okay. Sometimes she will participate and other times she will be digging her really sharp fingernails into the back of my neck.

But after that she just falls apart. She hates "Humpty Dumpty" where she sits on the edge and then "falls" into the pool. And she doesn't like "Blast Off" where she holds onto the edge and then tries to push off backwards. And she certainly won't do "Jack be Nimble" and jump into the pool. She just sits on the side for all of those.

So it hasn't been a terrible experience. Morgan likes it enough to get REALLY REALLY excited when we get there and to say "more, more" when we leave. I think we'll try it again when she is 2. There is a little girl in our class now who is almost three. Her dad says it is their 3rd time trying swimming and the only time they've made it past 2 lessons!

I think for the fall I want to do some gymnastics with her. There is a school that I can get her in through the rec center that is right near our house so I will probably try that. Some of Morgan's new favorite activities are jumping off of things and bouncing on things so I'm thinking gymnastics might be a good match for her right now.


Welcome to the Morgan blog. My goal is to update this a couple times each week.